What is love? Songs to feed your heart and soul

In February 2020 VAMC sang love songs around Valentine’s Day! “What is love?” program was performed twice, once at Cordova Bay United Church, the other one at St. Paul’s United Church in Sidney. Our guest was again violinist Tamsyn Klazek-Schryer.

Cordova Bay, February 2, 2020

Some of the songs were also present in our shows at the Carlton House and Berwick House on Shelbourne.



Our Home, a Canadian Travelogue

The Victoria Arion Male Choir, under the direction of Alan Whitmore, closed their first season with a tribute to our country – Canada. In June 2019, the choir presented Our Home, a Canadian Travelogue, an exciting musical sampling of the diverse heritage, geography, and lifestyles that make up our great country.

Dr. Harris Loewen visits VAMC – March 18, 2019

Dr. Harris Loewen, retired professor of Choral Music of Brock University, and his wife Ruth, attended a VAMC choir rehearsal on March 18. Dr. Loewen spent some very productive time rehearsing “Peaceful Niagara”, one of his many choral compositions and a piece to be included in the VAMC’s June 2 concert, “Our Home: A Canadian travelogue…”. It was a wonderful opportunity for the choir to gain insights into both choral singing and this particular piece from one of Canada’s finest choral conductors.