Dr. Harris Loewen visits VAMC

Dr. Harris Loewen, retired professor of Choral Music of Brock University, and his wife Ruth, attended a VAMC choir rehearsal on March 18. Dr. Loewen spent some very productive time rehearsing “Peaceful Niagara”, one of his many choral compositions and a piece to be included in the VAMC’s June 2 concert, “Our Home: A Canadian travelogue…”. It was a wonderful opportunity for the choir to gain insights into both choral singing and this particular piece from one of Canada’s finest choral conductors.

From left to right: Alan Whitmore, Erin Zipper, Ruth Loewen, Dr. Harris Loewen

Victoria Arion Male Choir welcomes you to a new day!

In the summer of 2018 two Victoria male choirs decided to get together. The Arion Male Voice Choir, performing in Victoria since the reign of Queen Victoria, united with Victoria Male Voice Choir, a group with roots going back to 1900.

The new choir combines the experience and passion that defined the original groups through all their performing years. Following the tradition, the choir will continue to perform in Long Term Care Facilities and Retirement Homes, as well as supporting the development of young vocal talent in Victoria, British Columbia.

Under the direction of Alan Whitmore and with pianist Erin Zipper, the new choir had their first concert at the end of January, followed by a second showing of “A New Day” in February at The Anglican Church of St. John the Baptist.

Please note that our web site is going to continue to grow and provide all the needed information about the choir and related events.

Rehearsals take place every Monday at 7 pm at Cordova Bay United Church.